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Even Hell can get comfy once you've settled in


i don’t even know what to say, first of all sorry to my followers. i’ve been having a rough time. second of all i’m still having a rough time…

so i got a C , wich means i have to redo my year at school. I had a blast in summer holiday, did a great amount of festivals, had a lot of fun with friends. and yet it never felt complete. i’ve re-opened my search for a boyfriend, wich i paused for a while.. so , the first of september i was in a school in hasselt, the school sucked. i saw girls with gucci handbags and armani dresses, and when i actually felt vomit coming up, i called my mom. she came to get me and brought me to leuven, i was signed up in ka2 ring in leuven and it feels better. i think i made a few friends.. although i’m not sure, considering i just met them.

one of my friends who i crushed on for about a year, and gave up on 4 months ago, is now single and sending me lip biting snapchats…

and im still depressed, so all together i’m just a girl with shitty bagage, right now..

and while im typing this, lying in my bed, im hoping for the pain in mychest to go away, so i can breath decently… hoping for someone to help me heal it.

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The fucking notes

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do u ever daydream about decorating ur first apartment bc i do